12 ore Il Ciocco

Vintage Motorcycle Exhibition

In conjunction with the 12 Hours, on 21-22-23 October an exhibition will be set up specifically reserved for regularity motorcycles produced up to 1981.

The exhibition will be open to all collectors, historical registers and also to organizations that deal with the sale of these motorcycles.

There will also be stands available to all craftsmen and companies that produce detached parts, spare parts and replicas of material always intended for motorcycles produced up to 1981.

The exhibition will be hosted at the Ciocco Sport Village, in a large covered structure that stands next to the stadium.
Entry for visitors will be free.

Il Ciocco Sport Village will be the place of maximum concentration of the public, being the seat of the closed park, around which all the activities related to the race will take place, such as departures, arrival, time control, driver change area, work park and a few hundred of meters from two of the three scheduled special stages.

The stands available will be 28 square meters (7×4).

Exhibitors are invited to contact:

Gabriele Casotto
+39 392 2459360

Ancillotti Vintage