Vintage. 12 Hours Enduro in Pairs. The Rough Sea of Calendars

Piero Batini
Piero Batini


The 12 Hours of Il Ciocco sees coming and going, like waves, dates and competitions that get closer and overlap. The losers are the fans who no longer know what to do. Whom should you ask for a sensitive and sensible calendar?

Il Ciocco, September 5th. Hard times. For fields waiting for rain. For wars that await peace. For families who are waiting for good news and not for crisis. Also for seas churned by waves of calendars that make navigation difficult. Organizing a Race is not easy, and a serious difficulty is the official attribution of the date that leads to its inclusion in the calendar. The 12 Hours of Enduro Il Ciocco had chosen and proposed one, the federation of calendars had approved another and made it official. After that, the evocators of the famous vintage enduro, Il Ciocco and Daniele Papi, had put the bow on the organization’s route. Soon the seas were churned… by calendars.

It is not clear why the 12 Hours should have been held on a Sunday after the Vintage European Championship, the fact is that fans were faced with an inappropriate choice: not which event to prefer but which one to give up. Choices and sacrifices are like transverse waves, they make the boat roll. It is clear that those who were already engaged in a Championship tipped the ship in that direction, but the 12 Hours continued to collect registrations, especially to gather enthusiasts. Then that European round was canceled, and the return wave brought new memberships. Finally, the Federation of Calendars decides to superimpose the Vintage European Championship on the Enduro European Championship … which airs one Sunday after the 12 Hours date. The beating of the sea is tremendous, and the rolling causes the ship to tilt dangerously to the other side.

Now we have to ask ourselves. Asking the federation for a date is a bit like bowing down, and among other things it involves a certain economic outlay. On the other hand, it is believed that the result can be a response that satisfies the entire patrimony of fans with a homogeneous spreading of the dates according to a lot of variables that the organizer gladly entrusts to the government, by definition wise. The result is that the 12 Hours Il Ciocco continues on its way… sorry, sea lane, on a sea that, in truth, is extremely rough. And the roll of the ship, slamming between the waves of the double, strange European and the legitimate Enduro Vintage Trophy, is frightening.

Why this digression? Because there are many who call Daniele Papi asking what to do. He replies that he would never allow himself to judge or advise his daughter to this or that aspiring spouse, since it is a decision that is the exclusive matter of lovers. It merely points out that, if the Vintage Motorcycle returns from the Portuguese Trophy in good condition, the 12 Hours of Enduro in pairs deserves the attention that is dedicated to an extraordinary occasion. If, on the other hand, one is already involved in the competitive activity of Group 5 and linked to the European appointment, he replies that the question should not have been addressed to him but to those who had the brilliant idea of superimposing two objects, however interesting, of the same. passion, lashing the roll of the 12 Hours ship with a really inopportune wave. And for this the registrations remain open.

Then the 12 Hours of Enduro in Pairs, the pearl of a warmly evoked and loudly called Enduro story, continues on the same route. One thing Papi underlines. That in the confusion of the storm, all the great Italians of the past have already chosen the romantic revival of the Lucca Mountains. The long weekend 21-23 October is in the calendar of that organizing passion that does not admit hesitation or renunciation. And we continue to give the Il Ciocco event new features that make it unforgettable … and regret for those who have had to pretend to forget it. The keel of the 12 Hours ship is of strong oak!