Today it is a bit more complicated

Piero Batini
Piero Batini


It is Enduro 50 Sundays a year, between races and training, it is a certain level, it is technique and preparation, now a standard. It is fun, but also a commitment or ajob. However, an increasingly difficult function of (free) time. However, it happened that, at that moment, unofficially, by way of a survey, we heard about the revival of the 12 Hours of Il Ciocco, the answers were of only two types: tighten the season or … widen the year. In any case, it must be done! But, how do you do a 12-hour in pairs ride fifty years later? First you do it, that’s for sure. Then we take care to adapt the winning formula to the characteristics of our times. Certain details need to be reviewed, since the beauty of the Enduro is that it has remained true to itself (and always will be!). Finally, nowadays we like to suffer, but also profiter, as the French say, of less… sacrificial contracts. Here, making the 12 Hours a Race, an Event and a Party (you may have noticed the capital letters), suggests first of all to prolong its beneficial action and intensity by increasing the dosage. We can clearly anticipate this: it will be a 12 Hours … in two days, plus a third to get together and get to know each other better, at the beginning. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, October 21st-22nd-23rd 2022.