The fever rises

12 Ore Il Ciocco 1975 - gara di enduro regolarità - immagini di repertorio

Registrations for the Il Ciocco #dodiciore will not open before 12 noon on 1 July, but the environment is already in a state of fibrillation. The number of those who do not want to be excluded is constantly increasing.

There will be the great champions who took part in the 75 edition, starting with the winner of the time: Alessandro Grittiwho has already decided that he will take off for what could be the last race of his endless career, competing in tandem with one of his historic friends “First of all to honor the memory of Imerio Testori” as he declared.

Many other champions are coming out and intertwining contacts to make pairs. There are those who want to reconstitute the crew of that time, perhaps increasing in displacement, given that over the years, they have put on a few kilos and there are those who try to return, to the scene of the crime, paired with those who were then adversaries, as in the case of Gino Perego who is thinking of partnering with Piero Gagni.

The army of gentlemen drivers, then, is pawing. In the paddock of the Group 5 Italian Championship races there is much talk of #dodiciore and the phrase #iwillbethere becomes a leitmotiv.

Even on the fields of the vintage motocross championship, one feels that the interest is very high. Some say they have heard a world champion ask for a regularity bike for October …

A driver who took part in ’75 conquering the top areas of the standings, wrote to find out if he could pair up with an American friend.

Vintage lovers, as we know, love to move in groups and the control tower is monitoring numerous movements from Italy and abroad. In particular, a large flock has been sighted that is taking off from Sicily.

We recommend everyone to set up the clock on July 1st 2022 at 12:00.

#iwillbethere #dodiciore

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