Slow down, don’t push!

Piero Batini
Piero Batini


Registrations are not open yet, but it is already crowded to participate in the 2nd “sequel” edition of the legendary 12 Hours of Enduro in Couples of Il Ciocco. “Heavy” medals, new course and Regulations

Il Ciocco, 15 June 2023. We talk about the Event coined by Daniele Papi which will be staged between 10 and 12 next November. A few more months of patience, yet it is already pressure, warmth around the idea of participating in the only event that brings one of the most atypical and popular regularity races of the time back into the present day. It took a lot of patience, from 1975 to today, but now it’s just a matter of being patient a little longer. the preparations have started, and the layers of news and initiatives are superimposed on these. Advice and requests come from all sides, and since they are requests from competent, “active” enthusiasts, Papi and the team of Sand Sports Management feel obliged to listen to everyone.

So calm down. Entries for the 2023 12 Hours of Enduro Couples will open “only” on 24 July at 12:00. So for the moment they are only applications of passion which, although greatly appreciated, cannot be taken for granted. Don’t forget, then, to keep your attention high for what you imagine could be a real “click day” in July.

Meanwhile, again following the pressure that Papi & Co. feel on them, the regulation of the 2023 event has been made official. It has been published and can be found on the pages of the official website of the Event, here. Let’s remember the basics, which are more of a philosophy than a list of rules. The division into categories, Classic, Top, Marathon, participation in pairs but also single, Gentlemen Riders, and special rankings that refer to an algorithm, already tested with the first “revival” edition last year, to a formula that takes due account of the age of the bike and the youth of the participants, who we know must be between 40 and 80 years old. As for the motorcycles, practically all of them, and of any engine size and brand, provided with an historic FMI “passport”, in compliance with the highway code and insured. Finally the classes: up to ’81, Classic 83, X -Evo 86, E – Electric. You can now study the regulation carefully and enter where your heart takes you (or where your garage allows).

A “heavy” news. The awards. In the forge of the gods of Regularity, the mergers of the medals specially minted for the 12 HOURS of Enduro in Pairs are about to be completed. Some hints about it. They are the work of an artist. Diameter, 11 centimeters, thickness, over 11 millimeters to further ennoble the event which from this edition intends to reward not only the winners and the podium of each class, but all the participants who have completed the test, as befits the great international events such as the Olympics and the International Six Days of Enduro.

Last but not least. We work hard on the race track, entirely within the Tenuta de il Ciocco. Compared to the “backbone” tested in 2022, the new ring incorporates some characteristic features of the mountain and extends up to 30 kilometres, 8 more than the “old”. The route is now being examined by the authorities and as soon as it is endorsed it will in turn be made public.

We just have to invite fans once again to be patient: it will be rewarded!