12 Hours 1975

Roberto Bianchini


“Great! I have to be there “.

This is Roberto Bianchini, from Versilia, who after a few years spent among motocross cadets, began to get passionate about organizing motocross events until it became his job. Today Roberto, through his FX-Action, manages about ten Italian championships under the aegis of the FMI.

“The world of vintage off-road vehicles has always fascinated me. When I was a boy I couldn’t afford the bikes I wanted, then over the years I have been lucky enough to manage the Motocross Vintage Championship and I must admit that I experience every race more as a fan than as an organizer. This world still gives me a lot of emotion seeing those two-stroke old but lively.”

“Next Sunday there will be a new round of the championship in Ravenna and it is incredible how much excitement is, even among cross riders, around the 12 hours, there is a lot of talk about it, I think you will have difficulty accepting all the registrations”

Don’t worry, there are 177 starting slots to fill…

“Maybe, but I already took a note on my mobile phone to send my registration on the first day of July. I don’t want to risk it, then, at the end of a stressful year, it will be even more pleasant to find the idols of my youth, without considering that by registering I will be obliged to prepare myself physically, which is always a good thing “

Do you already know how you will participate?

Ioriginally planned to run alone in the marathon, but I’m talking to a couple of friends to find out how much it might push me to race as a pair. The only certain thing is the bike with which I will show up at the start: a beautiful SWM “