12 Ore - The race


Pending approval

  1. Name

The Perla del Tirreno Motorcycle Association organizes, on 21.22.23 Octobe
2022, a regularity event, reserved for vintage motorcycles, called “12 ORE il Ciocco” . [span, lb] The event is based on the historical reenactment of the 12 ORE IL CIOCCO, regularity motorcycle race in pairs, held on 1-2 March 1975.

  1. Organization

The organization will be managed by the Perla del Tirreno Motorcycle Association, in collaboration with Cromatica Strategic Communication SL and will be based from 18th October 2022 at OSE “Il Ciocco” – 55051 – Barga (LU) Lucca (IT).

  1. Route

The event will take place in all weather conditions, on a track open even to normal private traffic. The route will be indicated by arrows and ribs, and will largely reflect the same path on which the 1975 Il Ciocco 12-hour race took place. The route, with departure and arrival at the Il Ciocco stadium, will wind through the surrounding areas, including the off-road sections. The total mileage of the event is about 360 km. Although the route does not include particularly difficult passages, it requires expertise on the part of the rider and an efficient motorcycle, especially as regards the condition of the tires in case of rain.
Deviations may be taken for the exclusive use of drivers registered in the Gentlemen Drivers category in the event that they do not feel they are facing particularly demanding passages.
In the opinion of the Organizing Committee, any other stamp or control passages (C.P.) along the route may be envisaged, which will be announced by the organization within the term of the Preliminary Operations.

The average speed of travel is fixed for all motorcycles in 30 km / hour.

  1. Participation / Drivers admitted

Participants must be at least 40 years old, (born within 1982), and be in possession of an FMI Agonistic License or, if foreigners, a National License and relative authorization from the Federation to which they belong.
Afterwards, drivers who have previously concluded at least one international motorcycle event recognized by the International Motorcycle Federation will be admitted . Conductors deemed suitable by the FMI regulations are also allowed at the time of the registration request, up to the maximum limit established by the organization of the event

There is a Gentlemen Drivers category, with no minimum age limits, for those who intend to participate in this event as better described below. The Italian drivers belonging to this category will not be asked for the Driver’s license or the registration form of the vehicle in the Historical Register. It will be sufficient to be in possession of a Moto Club / FMI affiliation card. Subscribers to this category will only be able to participate individually. Gentlemen Drivers will be able to travel the entire route or transit on the deviations granted to them as required by this particular regulation but, in any case, they will not be admitted to any final classification.
Given the non-competitive contents, those registered in this category will be allowed to register with motorcycles registered or produced up to 1986.

Drivers are required to wear appropriate clothing and protective systems in good condition as required by the FMI Regulations throughout the course of the event.

  1. Classes and Motorcycles

Mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are allowed, equipped with FMI’s Historic Fiche, of any make and displacement, built up to 1981, as long as they have an air-cooled engine, double rear shock absorber and drum brakes. All motorcycles with Italian plates must be registered in the FMI Historical Register. Motorcycles with foreign plates must conform to the original model
Motorcycles with provisional registration for the single event issued by the CME may be admitted, provided that a regular request has been submitted to the FMI and only for motorcycles in compliance with the highway code and regularly insured; in the provisional, however, the Preliminary number must be mentioned . Under no circumstances are cross motorcycles allowed and the use of test plates is not allowed .
Motorcycles will be divided into the following classes by displacement:
1. up to 50cc
2. up to 100 cc
3. up to 125cc
4. up to 175 cc
5. over 175cc
6. 4-stroke over 300 cc.

All motorcycles must have been homologated and registered by 1981.

Notwithstanding the above, only those registered in the Gentlemen Drivers category will be allowed to participate with motorcycles registered or produced up to 1986.

Without prejudice to everything established in the various articles of this regulation, mopeds / motorcycles currently produced, powered by an electric motor, will also be admitted to the tender, on an experimental basis. Participants riding these vehicles will be able to register both in the Classic category (in pairs) where a separate class ranking will be established, and in the Marathon. Entries will also be accepted in the Gentlemen Driver category.

All motorcycles to be admitted to participate in the event must be equipped with regular documents, covered by an insurance policy, in compliance with the Italian Traffic Laws, with functioning lighting system and with regular number plate mounted and firmly secured to the rear fender, all under the sole responsibility of the pilot.
Motorcycles that do not comply with the above will not be admitted to the event.
For foreign riders it is mandatory to send photos or additional documentation of the motorcycle with which they intend to participate in the event, to be attached to the registration form, in order to allow an assessment of suitability by the Organizing Committee,
which reserves the right possibility of not accepting motorcycles deemed unsuitable. In this case, prompt notification and reimbursement of the registration fee will be given.

  1. Entries

Participation in the event remains fixed at a maximum of 177 crews.
Registrations must be made electronically using the appropriate form published on the page https://www.dodiciore.com/iscrizioni-12-ore-il-ciocco/
Registrations will open on 01 July 2022 at 12:00.
The organizer will accept registrations until the maximum number of admitted starters is reached and, in any case, no later than October 15th, 2022.
Any requests regarding changes in category or engine capacity must be made in writing to the organizers no later than October 15th, 2022.

Entry Fees (€):

  • individual 150 euros (300 per couple)
  • marathon 200 euros for one driver only
  • gentlemen drivers 200 euros for one driver only
  • Teams or Motorclycle Clubs 100 euros
  • Historical Register Teams 200 euros

With the same date of receipt, the date of submission of the registration form, accompanied by proof of payment of the relative fees, will be valid.
The organizer will promptly notify the interested parties of both the acceptance of the registration and any non-acceptance, giving reasons for the cause.
The payment of the registration fee, according to the above amounts and terms, must be made by bank transfer to:
IBAN: ES9600494454732110012223 – BIC (Swift code): BSCHESMMXXX in the name of Cromatica Strategic Communication S.L. as per the instructions on the site on the registration page.

The deadline for registration is set upon reaching the maximum number of admitted starters or, at the latest, by September 30th.
All competitors must send the registration form on the page https://www.dodiciore.com/iscrizioni-12-ore-il-ciocco/, accompanied by photographs
of the motorcycle, a copy of the number of fiche, of the identity document and the bank transfer for the payment of the registration fee.
If the registration application does not meet the required requirements, it will be rejected by notifying the interested party who will have the opportunity to adjust his registration by the deadline of 10 October 2022. After this deadline has elapsed, the application will be refused and the registration fee forfeited. Acceptance of the registration remains, in any case, at the sole discretion of the Organizing Committee.

  1. Preliminary operations

The preliminary administrative operations and technical checks of the motorcycles will take place on October 21st starting at 10:00 and the last driver will be accepted within hours by 18:30 at the Il Ciocco stadium in Castelvecchio Pascoli (Barga) . There is a mandatory parc fermé regime with entry from 9:30 am. The entry into the Parc Fermé of the last motorcycle will be allowed no later than 6.50 pm of the same day.
The Closed Park and the Work Park will be open on Saturday 22 October and Sunday 23 October, 15 minutes before the departure time of each driver in accordance with the FIM Europe Regulations; the Closed Park regime will also apply at the end of the race. In the same area there is the starting and arrival area of the event, as well as the only C.O. and the Driver Change area.
During the preliminary operations it is necessary to present the FMI Agonistic License or, for foreign pilots, the National License and relative authorization of the Federation to which they belong.
The paddock is located at the Il Ciocco stadium.
Since part of the competition will be held in conditions of reduced visibility, without prejudice to the provisions regarding the efficiency of the original lighting system, additional lighting systems may be mounted on motorcycles as long as they are firmly secured to the motorcycles and without protruding from the outline of the overall dimensions. maximum front of the vehicle and their presence does not reduce the safety of motorcycles and crews.
In order to speed up the timing of the sporting checks, each crew will be assigned a fixed number that will be assigned and notified to each crew, in advance of the technical checks. Participants are required to present the motorcycles to the scrutineering, with the assigned regulatory size number already affixed to the number plates.
The organizer will notify all interested parties of the number assigned to them in advance.
Drivers who took part in the 1975 edition of the Il Ciocco 12 hours must present themselves to the checks equipped with red number plates, affixing the assigned number in white.
All other participants in the Classic category must present the yellow number plates with black numbers; participants in the Marathon category with green table and white numbers and those registered in the Gentlemen Drivers category must present themselves with a black number plate with white numbers.
Each crew has the right to choose whether to participate with one or two motorcycles. If the crew does not intend to participate with a single motorcycle, each driver is given the right to stamp a motorcycle as long as it belongs to the same class in which the crew was registered. The motorcycles must be parked, after the checks, in a closed park and can only be picked up 15 minutes before the first race of each individual rider. In the event that a crew motorcycle suffers mechanical damage, the couple will be able to continue the race using a single motorcycle.
The motorcycles will be stamped with indelible markers / stickers in the following parts:
● steering head;
● exhaust silencer;
Motorcycles must be presented to the O.P. without previous hallmarks, and the riders must wear their own homologated helmet; anyone caught driving without a helmet will be penalized by 60 points; if there are old hallmarks, the competitor must remove them and go to checks again; in case he doesn’t provide for the removal he will be excluded from the departure.

  1. Schedule

The event will respect the following program:

Friday 21 October technical-administrative checks from 10:00 to 18:30

Saturday 22 October, start of the first day of competition at 10:00. Theoretical arrival of the first competitor at 16:00

Sunday 23 October start of the second day of competition 06:00. Theoretical arrival of the first competitor at 12:00
Sunday 23 October Awards ceremony at 15:00.

A time check will be carried out at each lap.

There is a stamp check at each lap.

At each lap (with the exception of the first lap of the second day) three special stages will be carried out: an acceleration test, a road test and a test on webbing.

  1. Awards

The first three drivers of each class and each category will be awarded.
The first three couples of the overall classification and of the compensated absolute classification will be awarded.
The award ceremony will begin at the end of the event. There are no cash prizes .
The winners of the overall standings will be awarded the “Imerio Testori Trophy”
The winners of the Compensated classification will be awarded the “Red Helmets Trophy”
The first three classified teams of Club or Team and Historical Register will be awarded.
The awards will take place thirty minutes after the official rankings have been posted.

  1. Categories

The classes indicated in article 5 will be grouped in the CLASSIC category and will be subject to a separate ranking but all will participate in the absolute rankings.
The MARATHON category is established, reserved for drivers who intend to participate in the event without forming a couple, leading for the entire duration of the race. Participants will be collected in a single category and will participate in a single ranking without distinction of classes and engine capacity.
The GENTLEMEN RIDERS category is established, according to the procedures set out in Article 4.

  1. Rankings

The rankings will take into account both days of competition and will be obtained by adding the times of all the stages made. All reduced to a score corresponding to seconds and tenths of a second: 1157.3 (every second one point every tenth one tenth of a point).
Time taken 54 minutes 16 seconds 4 tenths = 3256.4 points
Any penalties suffered by the crew will be added to the final score in accordance with the regulations.
The following rankings will be displayed:

1. Absolute
2. Absolute compensated
Based on class displacement
4. Marathon category
5. Women Category
6. Motorcycles Club / Teams
7. Historical Register

For the calculation of the compensated ranking only, the following compensatory calculation will be carried out which takes into account the age of the crew and the year of registration of the motorcycles, following the calculation indicated below:

Starting from the score obtained by each pair as specified in the first paragraph of this article, the score itself will be multiplied by the coefficient deriving from the table below.

The result will then be multiplied by the coefficient applied to the average age of the two bikes used (or of the bike used if it is the same.

The resulting figure will give the final result.

For example, if the pairs scored a total score of 2h points, 42’34 “, 2 equal to 9754.2 points

This score is multiplied by the average age coefficient of the year 1962 (1,006) for a total of 9812,7 points and this figure is multiplied by the coefficient of the average age of the motorcycles used by the couple (1980 equal to 1,035) reaching the final score of 10156,1.

  1. Teams

The Moto Club or team will consist of three drivers belonging to the same association and must have at least two different brands and at least two different displacements in the team and all motorcycles must be motorcycles built by 1981. Teams for each brand with at least 2 displacements are allowed. The registration fee for each individual team is set at € 100.00.
The Historical Register team will consist of three crews competing with motorcycles of the same brand, without further limitations. The registration fee for each single team is set at € 200.00. The classification will be drawn up on the basis of the best performances of the crews complying with the clause of the first paragraph.
Each MC / team or Historical Register can register more teams; in this case, if a team “A” is registered, it will bring points only to team “A” as well as for team “B” which will bring points only to team “B” in the final classification.

  1. Time controls and penalties

Each crew will have to complete six laps of the course scheduled for each day of competition.
At each lap the drivers of each crew will have to take turns driving (participants in the marathon category are obviously exempt).
On the transit time at each time check, at the beginning of each lap a tolerance of 59 seconds on the time indicated in the timetable is granted. For each minute of delay or advance of the scheduled transit time, the driver is assigned a penalty of 60 points, which will be added to the times obtained in the tests referred to in Art. 11.
The maximum time expires, at each C.O.(Time Check) at the end of full 30 minutes after the theoretical time indicated in the time card.

  1. Final Clause

The organizing committee reserves the right to make changes to these regulations, promptly informing the Italian Motorcycle Federation which must authorize their application.