12 Ore Il Ciocco 1975 - gara di enduro regolarità - immagini di repertorio
Piero Batini
Piero Batini


Meaning that there is space and expectation for the relaunch of an old race … almost 50 years young. Meaning that the echo of his myth has yet to be exhausted. Most importantly, it means that the fans from yesterday’s Regularity still want a special Enduro today. And here it is: Il Ciocco 12 Ore in the 2.0 transposition. 21st, 22nd and 23rd October 2022.

The 12 Ore formula has been refined and synchronized with today’s time clock. The event is Vintage, with a broad retrospective exploration. 6 + 6 hours meaning two days (+ preliminaries on Friday) of partying and competing, of sharing and returning to the credentials of Regularity over the top.