12 Hours 1975

Pierluigi Laureati

12 Ore Il Ciocco 1975 - gara di enduro regolarità - immagini di repertorio

A past as a champion

Now he dedicates himself to his fields, making good wine and fruit, but in the past he was an excellent driver. As a man he made himself popular with the whole circus, with his mild and always available character:

“I would love to go back on the paths of Il Ciocco, but with knee and shoulder problems, I just couldn’t do it.
I remember the route of that 12 hours: it was beautiful and the special on the horse track was amazing. Then we were all there, it was a great day.
I participated in pairs with Sergio Sala on the SWM 175 and in the end we managed to reach the top ten, I think seventh overall and third in class.
Too bad not being able to get back on the saddle, but I’ll be there, to say hello to friends. For a day my vineyards can wait “