Open Registration: How long is July 1st?

12 Ore Il Ciocco 1975 - gara di enduro regolarità - immagini di repertorio
Piero Batini
Piero Batini


Start the stopwatch. How long will it be until July 1st to secure one of the 177 privileges? Registrations for Il Ciocco12 Hours in Pairs are open. Now let’s give the floor to clicks.

In the meantime, in the most respectful of the rules of Group 5, once the law has been made, the deception has been found. Daniele Papi announces that the large “mono” 4Ts built up to 1981 will be admitted. As an exception to the racing extremism, however, the 12 Hours Gentlemen Drivers is born.

Three news from the Il Ciocco pulpit by Daniele Papi (the Inventor) and Valerio Barsella (the host).

First News. Registration for the Il Ciocco 12 Hours in pairs is officially open. Places available: you know, there are 177. Not one more. Slots available to pairs, real, de facto or to be invented. The interest was enormous, together with the official opening, therefore, the stopwatch starts. Today it is all a race, as well, by its nature, the 12 Hours in Pairs.

Seconda Notizia. The Regulations can be found on the WEB page of the 12 Hours. To be honest, it is strictly linked, and out of respect, to the rules developed over time by and for Vintage Enduro. In this way, in addition to carefully regulating the Event, the Organizers intended to provide a matrix for any exceptions that the exceptional nature of the Event should generate.

News number 3. The desire to run is always very high, the Vintage environment is neither exempt nor refractory. But a powerful desire for simplification, for pure fun, for “philosophy” grows at the same time. So there are more and more fans who understand Racing in a very personal and… relaxed way. For these Daniele Papi decided to open the 12 Hours Il Ciocco at a concentric no-racing event: it is the 12 Hours in pairs Gentlemen Drivers… without a time trial.

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