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Maurizio Cecconi

Maurizio Cecconi pilota enduro in sella alla sua moto

Maurizio Cecconi is a motorcycle enthusiast. He started very young and never got off the bike.

Pilot of the National Team Red Helmets in the eighties, Italian champion of Vintage Enduro today. Always jovial and smiling, he remains a reference on the competition fields all over Europe. An eclectic rider, he competed often changing displacement and bike. In recent years he has successfully brought the iconic 1977 BMW 900 into the race with which he has also won an Italian title.

“In 1975 I was too young, I had just started competing in regional competitions.

There was a lot of talk about that race so much that it almost became a legend and being able to go back to living those moments becomes, for me, but, from what I hear around, for many, an unmissable event.

From the very beginning, I planned my participation. The modality remains to be decided: I’m thinking of signing up for the marathon but I don’t rule out participating with the Fantic with which I will ride the Valli Bergamesche In this case, perhaps, paired with a friend.

However things goI’ll be there