12 Hours 1975

Marco Graziani


Marco Graziani, one of the most successful Tuscan off-roaders, certainly the longest-lived. A sort of Gritti, given that after half a century of competitive activity it continues to compete with often rewarded ambitions.

He has always divided himself between the motocross fields and the stony ground of regularity, managing to excel in both.

He was also among the starters of the 12 hours in 1975. He was 24 years old and the excellent qualities he had already demonstrated in those years were confirmed in that race in which, the only tuscan, he placed himself in the top ten of the overall ranking in pairs with Enzo Mengozzi.

His brother Mario, a little younger, is also still in activity, protagonist of the Italian and European regularity group 5 championships and it seemed almost obvious that the two were paired at #dodiciore.

I heard that you will return to the crime scene in pair with your brother:

“Actually, I was not very convinced to participate, then a phone call from Enzo Mengozzi who suggested re-establishing the couple at the time immediately rekindled the fire. There are too many good memories that accompany that very special experience. Waking up at four in the morning to leave at six in the middle of the night. Compete alongside great champions and compete with them in that beautiful special track on the path of horse racing, between fences and bales of straw, with thrilling stretches and brusque chicanes. Even today, at the age of seventy, after hundreds of races, the photos that portray me on that special stage often refer to them with strong emotion. Certainly Mario, my brother deserves a stronger partner than me and his team is preparing the race with a lot of commitment “

Before moving on to the races of the time, Marco won the beauty of 17 regional titles; he climbed to the podium of the European championship in 1979, twice third in the senior Italian, third in the 1987 Valli Bergamasche.

Three times Italian vintage motocross champion. Why not try to improve the performance back then? After all, he is only seventy years old!

“If difficulties arise, which are escaping me today, I will still come to Il Ciocco to make myself available to the organization” (Marco was, among other things, one of the deputy race directors at the Six Days of 1981)
In un modo o nell’altro #iwillbethere