Let’s give the numbers!

12 Ore Il Ciocco 1975 - gara di enduro regolarità - immagini di repertorio
Piero Batini
Piero Batini


With less than a month to go before registrations open, the pressure on the door of the 12 Ore is incredible. Even a little surprising. The interest in the sequel to the legendary Il Ciocco event from 40 years ago is huge, and many are anxious to get even a simple phone call or a verbal confirmation recognized as a booking.

Daniele Papi and Valerio Barsella, respectively the inventor and the re-organizer of the event the first one, and host of Il Ciocco the second, are inflexible. Registrations open on July 1st, with said day running the risk of becoming a “click-day”. It seems that we will witness a sort of exodus towards the mountains, of the now legendary Group 5.

Then there’s another, famous question: the maximum number of pairs allowed. This insurmountable figure has also been fixed: 177 teams will be admitted to the starting line of the Il Ciocco 12 Ore 2022.