It’s official. Here is the 2023 Edition

Immagine di repertorio 12 ore del ciocco 1975

by Piero Batini

It wasn’t a joke or a meteor. The re-enactment of the 12 Hours of Enduro in pairs, a legend at Il Ciocco almost 50 years ago, was so successful that repeating it is an honor and an obligation towards enthusiasts.

Il Ciocco, 5 April 2023. Good morning everyone! The date: November 10-12, 2023. The place: Il Ciocco, Castelvecchio Pascoli, Lucca, hereinafter, for the sake of brevity and confidence, La Montagna. The Event: 12 Hours of Enduro in Pairs. So here we are. A lot of time has passed since that unforgettable first weekend in March 1975, and a little more has also passed since last October, when the second edition or, if you like, the first of the re-enactment, as then designed and built by Daniele Papi. A year ago it was an idea that was on the border between reunion and celebration. Today, in announcing the 2023 edition, the idea is fuelled by the success of the re-enactment and the project becomes that of a classic that repeats itself, which conquers and holds a fixed place in the Enduro calendar… sorry, of Regularity.

The idea was and is successful. Participants and enthusiasts certify it in the ovation of the plebiscite. The 12 Hours of Enduro in Pairs is refined by giving the original formula, in turn adapted to modern times, the lustre and slenderness of an Event of respect and passion. It was a unique event, of its kind and instant success, and remains a unique event to occupy a place of its own. Not a round of a championship, not an event that needs a contextualization, but simply the 12 Hours of Il Ciocco, unique, international, open to the universe of enthusiasts who are special by force and by tradition.

The formula is refined and leaves the doors open to tradition. Respect the rules and the common thread of the most significant world experience, that of the famous, Italian Group 5, and the FMI regulations. The essential traits. Route. Less than 500 kilometres in all (of course, they are not few, but it is a “real” event), starting and finishing at Il Ciocco. Basic condition for participation: the age between 40 and 80 years. Few the firsts, too many the seconds? So why can you be president or king at the age of eighty and not experience the epic of Regularity as protagonists? Those Riders who took part in 1975 and 2022 will have priority. Categories. Classic, Marathon, single heroes vs duos, Gentlemen Riders, no rankings. The Bikes. Mopeds, scooters, motorcycles of any engine size and brand, with historic FMI “passport”. In compliance with the highway code and insured. Classes. B – Classic 81, motorcycles up to 1981, B – Classic 83, built up to 1983, X -Evo 86, motorcycles up to 1986, E – Electric.

All like this, a little in a hurry to want to bring together all the most important things. And here are two more. The rankings, as we saw in the 2022 edition, will be drawn up on a time basis with the application of a coefficient that considers the age of the Crews and Bikes. Registration.

By and no later than September 30, online,

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