gruppo di piloti alla 12 ore Il Ciocco del 1975
Piero Batini
Piero Batini


At that time the biggest prize for a Regularist was not an official contract or the best bike, it was having a challenge to win against an impossible mountain, a mud pit, a mule track or a stony ground, against oneself and, perhaps, from set in a win over others. When Daniele Papi launched the idea, the best riders immediately took up the challenge. Racing in two, in pairs, was the overcoming of the “isolation” of the individual in the off-road vehicle, the charm of the team challenge, of the game of no less than everything, and for this reason the maximum expression of sporting generosity. And the best won. The organizing Moto Club, the Perla del Tirreno Motorcycle Association, signed an event that has remained in history. It is the same Moto Club that returns with the pride of experience.