Exceptional forerunner at the 12 Hours

Guglielmo Andreini - Pilota Fiamme Oro alla 12 Ore Il Ciocco nel 1975

Guglielmo Andreini will start at the 12 hours of the log with the number 0. He will be the exceptional forerunner of a race that not even he wanted to miss. Fifth overall in 1975 paired with Elia Andrioletti, he is not yet ready to return to racing due to the hip operation he underwent a short time ago, but enthusiasts and old companions will have the great pleasure of seeing him back on the saddle.

His idea was enthusiastically received: “I’d be the forerunner

“Bigù’s” gesture was exciting and a source of great satisfaction for the organizers who are assembling an event that has the ambition to repeat the success of the first and only edition.

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