12 Hours 1975

Bruno Birbes

“The news of the 12 Hours of Il Ciocco came to me from Maurizio Cecconi and since then, at our Leonessa d’Italia motorcycle club, we have been organizing ourselves to put together a couple of teams.
In recent years I have brought the Müller 50 back to the race in group 5 with which in ’68 I participated in the Six Days of San Pellegrino Terme and to close my career I wanted to do the six days on the island of Elba after 53 years with the same vehicle . I had a lot of fun and I had decided to stop there with racing. But now the 12 hours of Il Ciocco in which I participated as an official Puch driver turns up. I want do it and in the next meeting of the motorcycle club we will decide to send the registrations away.
With regularity I started a little late, at 19, because I was doing motocross before, then I did some regularity races with the MCK 100. After my experience with Müller, I became an official Puch rider and it was with Frigerio that I came to Il Ciocco, competing in the 175cc class. After that I continued on and off in the Italian Championship, but fighting against giants like Taiocchi and Testori, I just had to hope for a third place “

In ’85, participating in the Pharaohs Rally, he began a new African experience. For about ten years, until 1995 he lived the epic of the race, treasuring indelible memories.
Then the flashback with the trusted Müller in group 5, and at the splendid age of 73… the 12 Hours.

12 Ore Il Ciocco 1975 - gara di enduro regolarità - immagini di repertorio
Photo Walter Arosio 1975