Andrea Marinoni #iwillbethere

Andrea Marinoni pilota enduro- e rally africani

“I haven’t been riding a motorcycle for almost thirty years. Too much, even if the desire to get back riding a motorbike has sometimes been there. When I heard about the 12 hours I thought it would be an opportunity to break the delay, but I realized that what pushed me to reflect was the desire to spend two days with all the friends of a life lived in sport. In the end, considering that even if I wanted to, I would not have the time to find a sufficient condition to face the stopwatch again and since I do not want to miss it, I spoke with Daniele (Papi ed) making myself available from now on to the organization to collaborate in the success of a race that has remained in everyone’s heart. Maybe with a little regret but #Iwillbe there

These are the words of Andrea “Bogio” Marinoni, one of the flags of the Red Helmets. His grit was second only to athletic generosity. He never spared himself and his laurels rewarded him. Three times European Champion and always in the top ten at the arrival of the Dakar in which he participated.

In 1975, at the 12 Ore, riding the SWM 50, he was second in his class paired with Radici, just behind the winners, Perego-Zenoni.

The 12 Ore will welcome him with open arms and fans will see him again with pleasure, perhaps, while overseeing the starting operations of a special stage …

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