A return by popular demand


It was March 2, 1975 and the stands of the Il Ciocco stadium were occupied by famous pilots or who would become famous, but also by practitioners who wanted to experience the magic of the 12 HOURS of REGULARITY.

After almost half a century those riders have become grandparents, but almost all of them continue to get on their bikes.

There are those who do it to keep a close friendship with fellow adventures and those who, at 74, continue to win amidst the stunned looks of much younger opponents.

After fifty years that boy with the white helmet, sitting waiting to take over from his partner riding a Gilera 75, is still one of the closest friends, with whom we continue to dig through the memories.

For some time, another friend, Marco, insisted that he return to live that 12 hours, which was so successful at that time and his obstinacy overwhelmed a resistance, in truth ephemeral, which immediately turned into fire.

A round of phone calls and the organizing team started, or rather, restarted since we are still the same as then.

Today, with immense satisfaction, we announce to friends and enthusiasts that next 22-23 October, the riders will return to sit on those tiers waiting to get on the saddle to take over for their teammate. The 12 ORE Il Ciocco will gather the old protagonists and those pilots who were unable to start at the dawn of that 2nd March, because they were still too young.

All committed to reviving the spirit of the past. All riding their splendid motorcycles registered before 1981.

In the next few days we will make accessible both the official page www.dodiciore.com and all the major social networks.

See you soon

Daniele Papi

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